The Royal Mint's Coin Ranges

From royalty and military to dinosaurs and 007, our variety of coin ranges offers something for all tastes and interests.

The Royal Mint has long been known for its coins dedicated to royal occasions and military anniversaries but did you know that we also release a whole host of
coins dedicated to other interests as well? In addition to our popular Royalty and Military ranges, our Great Britons range celebrates some of the most influential
personalities to ever call Britain their home. Meanwhile, our popular Dinosauria Collection explores the prehistoric wonders of the dinosaurs. For younger coin
collectors – and the young at heart – we have a whole range dedicated to some of the UK’s best-loved childhood characters, from vintage favourites to modern
classics. In addition to childhood nostalgia, we also have a range of coins dedicated to TV and film. With the likes of Sherlock Holmes™ and James Bond, this
range truly offers something for everyone.




Great Britons


British Interest

TV & Film

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