Year of the Tiger – Traits

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Year of the Tiger – Traits

The tiger is the third animal in the cycle of the Chinese zodiac and has huge significance in Chinese traditions and folklore. Considered the ‘king of beasts’ in Chinese culture, it is said that the written character for king – ‘王’ – originates from the pattern on the tiger’s head and today, it is a popular surname. The tiger symbolises power, strength and bravery, whilst also being seen to represent majesty and righteousness. Consequently, people born in the Year of the Tiger are thought to possess many of these traits.

Year of the Tiger – Traits

Alongside charming and popular, the characteristics of those born in the Year of the Tiger are also said to include confidence and courage, meaning people born under this sign are thought of as natural leaders. Since ancient times, the tiger’s cultural prestige has also led to it being used to symbolise soldiers’ bravery and strength, with soldiers who portray these qualities often referred to as tiger generals, tiger ministers and tiger men.

Year of the Tiger

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