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A Unique Opportunity to Celebrate the Year of the Rat

Were you, or someone you know, born in the Year of the Rat?

1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008  

The Shēngxiào Collection celebrates the Chinese lunar calendar. Traditionally, at Chinese New Year people visit friends and family and bring them small gifts. The lunar calendar helps people set out dates for life’s most important events.

Starting in 2014, The Royal Mint has celebrated each of the lunar animals in turn; a fascinating journey through the ancient traditions of the Chinese zodiac. 2020 represents the start of a new cycle and as the first sign, the Rat is in the ascendancy it presents the first opportunity in 12 years for people born in the Year of the Rat to celebrate their lunar animal. In the latest addition, P. J. Lynch’s design beautifully captures the qualities of people born under this sign.


Specification Value
Denomination £500
Maximum Coin Mintage 38
Alloy 999 Fine Silver
Weight 1005.00 g
Diameter 100.00mm
Specification Value
Reverse Designer P.J. Lynch
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Quality Proof
Year 2020
Pure Metal Type Silver
Edge Milled
Country Of Origin United Kingdom
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