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How to Sell Your Gold

The Royal Mint

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Updated November 2023 


Selling your gold can be a significant financial decision, whether you're liquidating an investment or parting with a cherished inheritance, you want to ensure the process is quick, simple, and fair. As with any financial decision or investment, when it comes to selling your precious metal, it is crucial to choose a reputable and experienced organisation. The Royal Mint, with its longstanding history and expertise in precious metals, provides a secure and reliable platform for selling your gold as well as other precious metals. In this guide, you'll find essential insights into the gold-selling process that will enable you to make informed choices, allowing you to liquidate your holdings in a way that aligns with your own financial goals. 

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Why Choose The Royal Mint for Selling Gold? 

The Royal Mint stands out as a distinguished institution in the realm of precious metals, offering a level of trustworthiness and proficiency that is unrivalled. Selling your gold through The Royal Mint ensures a secure, transparent, and efficient process, backed by years of expertise. 

Some of the key advantages of choosing The Royal Mint is the competitive rates offered for your sale, coupled with the transparency of the service. Throughout the process, you will be updated on the status of the transaction, as well as a clear indication of the final price that is being offered. In addition, the dedicated precious metals team offer a wealth of knowledge and exceptional customer service - something that is only available when dealing with a time-honoured organisation. 


Understanding the Gold Selling Process 

The process of selling your precious metals with The Royal Mint is designed to be simple and transparent. 

  1. Get a Quote: Begin by completing a quotation form. The Royal Mint team aims to provide you with a competitive quote within 24 hours. 
  2. Send Your Items: If you are happy with the quoted price, follow the instructions sent via email on how to send your bullion to The Royal Mint. 
  3. Quality Inspection: Upon receipt, your gold’s purity and authenticity are meticulously inspected by our team of experts. 
  4. Receive Funds: Once your items pass inspection, funds are promptly and securely transferred to your precious metals account. 

Whether you're selling physical coins or bars, The Royal Mint's process is tailored to accommodate different types of gold holdings, ensuring clarity, security, and trust at every step. 


Eligibility and Requirements for Gold Selling 

The Royal Mint offers a versatile buying service that extends beyond its own products. Whether your gold, silver or platinum bullion coins and bars are from The Royal Mint or other global mints and refineries, we are equipped to provide a complete buyback service. This flexibility allows you to sell a wide range of precious metal assets with ease and confidence. 

Our buyback rates are closely aligned with live market prices, ensuring you receive a fair valuation for your assets. For gold stored within The Vault ®, we quote to buy your coins and bars at 98% of our current gold bid price. For bullion stored or purchased elsewhere, the rates are as follows: 

  • Gold: 96% of the live gold price, based on the LBMA AM or PM Fix. 
  • Silver: 90% of the live silver price, as per the LBMA Midday Fix. 
  • Platinum: 90% of the live platinum price, according to the LBMA AM or PM Fix. 

To facilitate a smooth selling process, it is important to first gather all necessary documentation regarding your precious metal assets, including details on the weight, quantity and type of the metals. Accurate information is crucial for an efficient and precise valuation and ensures the guide price quoted is closely aligned with the final price offered when the item is received. If at any point you are unsure, remember our team of precious metal experts are available to offer guidance each step of the way. 


Selling Physical vs. Digital Gold 

For those with physical gold in the form of coins or bars, The Royal Mint offers a straightforward process for selling. This includes the convenience of track and trace delivery services or hand delivery to approved partners for secure transportation of your valuable assets. 

If your investment is stored in The Vault with The Royal Mint, either in digital form or coins or bars, the process is even more streamlined. Selling vaulted precious metals is instant and based on live market prices, offering you a hassle-free and efficient way to liquidate your digital gold assets at a time that suits you. 

Other Precious Metals: Silver and Platinum 

Although gold often takes the spotlight, The Royal Mint’s expertise extends to purchasing silver and platinum as well. Just like gold, these precious metals are valuable assets and can be sold through The Royal Mint with the same level of trust and efficiency. 

The process of selling silver and platinum mirrors that of gold, ensuring consistency and ease for sellers. Whether you hold silver bars, platinum bullion coins or other forms of these metals, The Royal Mint accommodates a variety of these precious assets. This opens up more avenues for those looking to liquidate or adjust their precious metal portfolios. 


Tips for Timing Your Sale and Maximising Value 

The timing of your gold sale can greatly influence the returns you receive. Keeping an eye on market trends and economic indicators can help you choose an opportune moment to sell. Factors like global market volatility, currency values and interest rates often affect precious metal prices and engaging with expert valuations and staying informed about the market can lead to a more advantageous outcome at the time of the sale. 



The Royal Mint offers a seamless, secure, and transparent avenue to navigate the sale of your precious metals and looks to make the process as simple as possible for all involved. Whether you're an experienced investor or someone making your first sale, understanding the nuances of timing, valuation and market trends is crucial for a successful transaction. 

The Royal Mint stands as more than just a transactional entity; it's a partner in your investment journey. By choosing The Royal Mint, you benefit from generations of expertise, competitive pricing and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We take pride in offering a service that is as trustworthy as it is efficient. 



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