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Secure Storage

At The Royal Mint, there are two options when you would like to securely store your bullion investments or any precious objects. For bullion purchases through the website, storage directly in The Vault is available. This is a Federal Standard 832 Class A Secure Vault, directly on-site at The Royal Mint - one of the most secure locations in the UK. Alternatively, for other items, secure safety deposit boxes are available for any of your valued possessions. 

As well as being located behind the gates of our Llantrisant site and being guarded 24/7, our secure storage was labeled as “the most secure in the industry” by the Chairman of the British Safe Manufacturers Association. You can find out more about each of these services below. 


“The most secure In the industry.”

Charles Holmes

Chairman of the British Safe Manufacturers Association

Vault Storage

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Safety Deposit Boxes

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