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The Relevance of Gold as a Strategic Asset

World Gold Council Investment Report

January 2022

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Gold is in demand for many reasons; as an investment, as a reserve asset, as jewellery and for use in technology. Gold is highly liquid and historically preserves its value over time.

According to a World Gold Council report published earlier this year, gold can enhance a portfolio in four key ways, including returns, liquidity, diversification and portfolio performance. With inflation continuing to be a global theme in 2022, analysis by the World Gold Council shows that gold has performed well as an effective inflation hedge, and the rationale for gold as a portfolio hedge remains compelling.


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In addition, in recent years investors have become more focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations and on prioritising sustainable investing. This has important implications for gold, which can play a role in supporting ESG goals and managing associated risks within a portfolio.

Investors have also embraced alternatives to traditional investments such as equities and bonds, and increasingly see gold as a mainstream investment. Since 2002, global investment demand has increased by 10% per year and, in the same period, the price of gold has increased almost seven-fold.

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