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Following the evolution of the Britannia bullion coin in 2021, whereby four brand new, state-of-the-art security features were introduced to its design, demand for Britannia bullion coins has soared.  From Australia to Japan, the USA to the UK, investors all around the globe are treasuring Britannia as one of the most trusted and recognised bullion coins in the world. So what makes Britannia so special?

1. Global Recognition

The iconic Britannia design has featured on coinage since AD 119, making it one of the oldest and most trusted bullion designs in the world.  Its global recognition means it has a strong secondary market, making it a particularly liquid choice for many investors.

2. Accessibility

The 2022 gold bullion Britannia range includes; a one-ounce coin, a half-ounce coin, a quarter-ounce coin and a one-tenth-ounce coin to ensure accessibility for investors of varying budgets, or for those looking to make frequent purchases.  It is also available in individual capsules, blister packs, tubes and boxes to offer investors choice within their portfolio.  More recently, the iconic Britannia design is also available via a range of beautifully minted bullion bars, ranging in size from 1g to 100g and presented in tamper-proof packaging.




3. Tax Efficiency

Due to its legal tender status, Britannia coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for UK residents, regardless of the amount of coins that are accumulated.  Furthermore, gold Britannia bullion - in the form of both coins and bars - are also VAT free.

4. Reassurance

Thanks to their innovative security features; including a latent feature, micro-text, tincture lines and an animated background, Britannia bullion coins are now easy to authenticate purely by sight.  These intricate features significantly reduce the risk of counterfeiting, providing a level of reassurance for investors when making their purchase or when choosing to liquidate.



5. Sell Back Potential

Due to its range of denominations, the Britannia bullion coin provides investors with ultimate flexibility when it comes to selling back their gold. Rather than being restricted to selling entire one-ounce coins, they are able to opt to sell smaller portions of their holdings such as a one-tenth-ounce coin.

If you would like to chat about the options available in relation to the Britannia bullion coin, please contact our account management team on 01443 623207.


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