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Introducing Gold to Your Investments

Introducing Gold to Your Investments

As we welcome in the new financial year, it is important that you consider all of the potential savings options now available to you. Spreading risk amongst differing investments will help you to avoid overexposure to any one particular asset class. For that very reason, many experts suggest putting a percentage of your investments into precious metals, with gold typically being the most popular choice for investors. Due to its lack of correlation to other assets, adding gold to your portfolio can reduce volatility and balance risk.

At The Royal Mint, we provide a range of gold savings options to cater for all life stages. From growing a golden nest egg for a loved one, to planning for a well-earned retirement, saving in gold with The Royal Mint can help you prepare for a brighter future.

What You Need To Know

Investment Guide

To help you consider which investment is right for you, we have produced a comprehensive guide to investing in gold, silver and platinum.

Monthly Market Roundup

Our latest article reflects on the performance of precious metals in February, and the factors that influenced their prices.

Buying Gold Safely

We have developed our Precious Metals Investment Principles to provide customers with reassurance and peace of mind when investing in gold.

Our 2022 Gen Z Investment Report

The Royal Mint reveals that young people are set to invest £9.4 billion as alcohol, travel and fast fashion take a back seat.

Gold Savings Plans

Make Your Investment Precious

Digital Gold Savings

Whether you are looking to accumalate gold yourself, or build a nest egg for a loved one, saving with gold has never been easier. With our digital gold savings options, you can buy and sell gold whenever you like, and easily review and manage your savings online.

Physical Gold Savings

Today, the allure of gold is still powerful and compelling. If you appreciate the appearance of gold as an heirloom, or you’d like to save something tangible, our physical gold savings options could be right for you.



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