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The coins of the Shengxiào Collection

Lunar coins struck by The Royal Mint

A fusion of British and Chinese tradition celebrating the Chinese zodiac on gold and silver Bullion coins. In 2014 The Royal Mint struck the United Kingdom’s first Chinese Lunar Calendar coins for the Year of The Horse, beginning a new series, The Shengxiào Collection. The British Chinese community is thought to be the oldest Chinese community in Western Europe, with the first Chinese people arriving in the early nineteenth century. A series of cultural and business exchanges and exhibitions have increased awareness about Chinese culture in the UK. The Shengxiào Collection is a celebration of the United Kingdom’s diverse multi-cultural society, created with the unrivalled experience, heritage and craftsmanship of The Royal Mint.

At Chinese New Year, gifts and tokens are exchanged, particularly the gift of money in red envelopes, symbolising good wishes for the recipient’s health, wealth and prosperity. These Lunar coins from The Royal Mint embrace this popular and globally observed tradition, lending a unique British angle to an ancient tradition.

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