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Our articles and guides cover a wide range of information from the nature of gold right through to gold, Capital Gains Tax and VAT.

Investing in precious metals glossary of terms

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Introduce an Investor

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VAT on Bullion explained

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Capital Gains Tax
on Bullion explained

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Invest in Gold
for Pensions

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How tax applies to gold, silver and platinum bullion

Gold, silver and other precious metals can maintain special positions in the market in relation to tax regimes. Like many tax topics, this is a complicated subject. It is especially complicated because different types of precious metal products are treated differently.

A guide to storing bullion

Whether you’re storing your coins and bars professionally or keeping them at home, you’ll need to make sure your bullion is properly protected from theft and damage.

Which investment is right for you ?

Unlike investments in gold, which are VAT free, purchases of silver and platinum are both subject to value added tax (VAT). But why do you pay VAT on silver and platinum but not on gold and when are bullion coins subject to Capital Gains Tax?

Financial Hedging Explained

Everyone has heard the term ‘hedging your bets’, meaning to bet on more than one possible winner in order reduce the chance of losing everything. In fact, the term was originally a financial one, and was only later adopted by the gambling community.

Gold or Silver Investment

When it comes to looking closely at which investment strategy is best for your particular circumstances, or when diversifying an existing investment portfolio to mitigate against risk, it is true to say that investment-grade precious metals offer a reliable hedge against volatility of investment markets for the long term. 

What is the gold:silver ratio and what is it used for?

The value of gold and silver bullion has generally risen and fallen in relative tandem over time; where gold goes, silver follows. For those who follow the gold and silver markets, this can feel satisfying because it makes knowing the relative value of each to roughly gauge simple.

What is the LBMA gold fix?

Among the first things looked for when buying gold or silver is of course, its price. But how and why values are set is not always known by those starting their journey into buying gold. It’s the crucial element in determining how precious metals are priced, so knowing how the process behind it works is your first step towards successful gold investing.

What was the gold standard and why was it abandoned?

This September marked the 85th anniversary of the UK leaving the gold standard in 1931. Similarly, August 2016 marked the 45th anniversary of the end of the gold standard in the USA. Gold was one of the central ways for a country to control the value of its currency. 

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