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Why Investment is hotting up

While many people invest in precious metals all year round, the summer months present an interesting time for those looking to enter the market or strengthen their portfolio.

Can gold reach the $1,500 mark?

As expected, the gold price this week has continued to swell, reaching a staggering £1,124.36* per ounce. Investors are wondering whether this is the bull run they’ve been waiting for....

Gold as a strategic asset

Gold is a highly liquid, scarce asset, which is no one’s liability. Purchased as a luxury good as much as an investment, according to the World Gold Council, gold can play four fundamental roles in a portfolio

A guide to storing bullion

Whether you’re storing your coins and bars professionally or keeping them at your home, you’ll need to make sure your bullion is properly protected from the elements as well as from theft and damage.

Why invest in bullion?

Gold and silver bullion have been the investment of choice for wealthy individuals, governments and organisations for thousands of years. The value of precious metals transcends fashion, market trends and even economic systems. Why is this the case?

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