Setting Up Your Standing Order for Smooth Monthly Investments 

To ensure a seamless investment experience, it's important to set up your standing order correctly. Follow these guidelines to guarantee that your funds are available for your auto-investments and to cover our monthly storage fees: 

Including Beneficiary Reference 

When initiating your monthly investment or accessing the "Add Funds" page within your account area, you'll be presented a beneficiary reference. This unique reference is crucial for linking your funds to your account accurately. Make sure your standing order includes this reference, as it is essential for proper funds allocation. 

Timing your Standing Order 

To guarantee your funds are ready for auto-investment, it's recommended that your standing order transfers the funds ahead of the auto-investment date. This will prevent any delays in your investment process. 

Accounting for Monthly Storage Fee 

Our monthly storage fee amounts to 0.5% of your investment value. To account for this fee, it's advisable to include a bit more than your monthly investment amount in your standing order. We suggest adding an additional 2-3% to cover the storage fee. For instance, if your monthly investment is £50, consider setting up a standing order for £52. This ensures that your investment remains unaffected by the storage fee deduction. 

Addressing Insufficient Funds 

In the event that your account lacks sufficient funds when the monthly investment is due, we will automatically pause your monthly investments until the account is credited. This helps avoid any negative impact on your investments. You will receive an email notification about this situation, keeping you informed and allowing you to address the matter promptly. 

Should you require assistance with setting up your standing order, don't hesitate to reach out to your bank. Their support will ensure that your financial transactions align with your investment goals. 

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to contact our dedicated support team. 

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