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Precious Metal Recovery From Electronic Waste

We are building an industrial scale plant to sustainably recover precious metals from printed circuit boards. Bringing world first technology to the UK.

A more sustainable solution

A More Sustainable Solution

This pioneering new technology enables us to recover precious metals from the printed circuit boards of discarded electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

It provides an opportunity for us to partner with organizations involved in the printed circuit board supply chain including manufacturers, IT asset disposition companies, Authorised Approved Treatment Facilities, and waste recovery specialists.

Acting Responsibly

Acting Responsibly

The UK is reported to be the second largest producer by capita in the world of electronic waste. Due to a lack of suitable domestic waste treatment, recovery, and disposal infrastructure, the majority of the UK’s printed circuit board waste is shipped abroad to be smelted at high temperatures.

Our intention is to showcase a UK-based solution for the management of this waste stream, including the recovery of precious metals at room temperature while complying with all UK and international regulations regarding e-waste treatment and disposal.

World First Technology

World First Technology

The Royal Mint has partnered with Canadian clean tech start-up Excir to use their patented technology, based on revolutionary chemistry. Moving from the laboratory to industrial scale production – our purpose-built plant will selectively target and safely recover gold and other precious metals from electronic waste printed circuit boards in seconds and all at ambient room temperature.

A more sustainable solution

Fair and Consistent Value

We are committed to bringing consistent value to the procurement of printed circuit boards ensuring fair market value for all parties involved.

When our plant is fully operational, we expect to process over 70 tonnes of UK-sourced printed circuit boards per week. Recovered gold is already being used in our new luxury jewellery collection ‘886 by The Royal Mint’, helping to reduce our reliance on mined gold, and securing our future as a leader in sustainably sourced precious metals.

Embracing the principles of a circular economy, The Royal Mint and Excir technology demonstrates an innovative UK-based solution to reducing the environmental impact of e-waste – preserving natural resources for longer while also fostering new skills and employment in the UK. These circular principles are also being applied to our plant build as we plan to reuse energy generated and chemistry used within the recovery process and ensure all incoming and outgoing materials are managed in a controlled and regulated manner.


Working With Us

We’re currently working with many businesses throughout the UK, including AATF’s, OEM’s, Local Governments and Retailers. If you are interested in working with us, and being a part of this exciting, innovative new business, please get in touch with our friendly team.

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This forms part of The Royal Mint’s reinvention and helps secure its future as a leader in sustainably sourced precious metals and the circular economy of the UK.

We will be able to treat over 3,750 tonnes of printed circuit boards a year, that’s over 70 tonnes a week.

We are committed to delivering consistent value to the procurement of printed circuit boards and have two options to transact. One is Tel Quelle, where we will value the boards based on an assessment at your location or when they arrive at The Royal Mint. Option two is toll conversion, we will take a representative sample of the incoming boards and complete a fire assay to calculate the quantity of metals contained with them. We will then pay you based upon pre-agreed terms delivering fair and consistent value for all parties

Firstly, it forms part of The Royal Mint’s reinvention and helps secure us as a future leader in sustainably sourced precious metals and the circular economy of the UK.  Pioneering this new technology will enable The Royal Mint to recover precious metals from discarded electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops, reducing our reliance upon mined Gold.

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