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The 50p, Decimalisation and UK Currency


The Decimal Debate

Decimalisation was the subject of passionate debate for centuries.  Rationale presented by decimal enthusiasts was opposed by those who were cautious of the effects of a new decimal coinage system.  Find out more in the story of the Decimal Debate.

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The Story of Decimalisation

Decimal Coinage - early in 1971 Britain's monetary system saw its biggest change for more than 1000 years. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of decimalisation, the Royal Mint invites you to explore the story of decimal coinage.

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Making the Change to Decimal Coinage

The changeover to decimal currency affected the day-to-day lives of every British citizen in the United Kingdom.  Find out how the Government prepared for Decimal Day by launching one of the most intensive publicity campaigns ever directed at the people of Britain.

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