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The Royal Mint offers an increasing range of sophisticated options to enhance the appeal of the finished product, ranging from:

  • Appearance of the coin - Choose frosted design elements on a polished background table, or vice versa.
  • Edge Lettering - Numbering or lettering can be incorporated onto the edge or the face, helping to make each piece unique.
  • Bi-Metal Combinations - Stunning results are achieved by combining different coloured metals.
  • Gold Plating - Gold can be applied to the whole piece or selectively to highlight a design element.
  • Colouring - Permanent colour designs are achieved with modern pad printing techniques.
  • Diamond Insertion
  • Shaped Coins
  • Miniature Gold Coins
  • Packaging - Ranging from acrylic capsules to approved packaging and presentation cases, The Royal Mint provides an exclusive variety of options.
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