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  • The Royal Mint has seen an impressive increase of precious metals sales this quarter, compared to the last quarter of the financial year
  • Platinum sales saw a significant increase compared to last quarter, with sales up 81%
  • US sales in particular were strong, with American investors flocking to the Mint for gold, silver and platinum investment products

The Royal Mint has reported impressive precious metals sales so far this financial year. Looking back at the quarter, The Royal Mint saw a growth on all three metals, with an 8% growth in gold ounces sold, a 47% growth in silver ounces sold, and an 81% increase in platinum ounces sold. These figures combine sales direct from The Royal Mint to customers, and sales to trade partners globally.

Internationally, growth has also been seen in all three metals, with a 52% increase in the amount of Gold ounces being sold, a 58% increase in silver ounces sold, and a 67% increase in platinum.

Andrew Dickey, Director of Precious Metals at The Royal Mint, said: “We are famous in the UK for making coins and bars from precious metals, and have developed a strong international base of investors.  It’s encouraging to see such strong international sales, particularly from the US and we look forward to expanding globally, providing a range of products to appeal to investors.”

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