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  • The Royal Mint has reported significant growth in platinum investment
  • Today, they unveil the world’s largest platinum coin, to coincide with Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee Year
  • The coin will be taken on a roadshow later this year to continue investment education

The Royal Mint has reported a 182% rise in demand for platinum in 2022 so far compared to the first five weeks of 2021.

To continue shining the spotlight on the sought-after metal, The Royal Mint has unveiled its largest ever platinum coin to coincide with the year of Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  The coin has a diameter of 150mmand weighs 2 kilograms.  The coin features the flagship Britannia design with The Royal Mint’s innovative security features built in, including surface animation and micro-text designed to verify the authenticity of the piece.

Andrew Dickey, Director of Precious Metals at The Royal Mint comments: Platinum is one of the rarest metals in the world, around 30 times rarer than gold, so the metal in this coin, combined with the skill and craftsmanship that goes into producing it, makes it a really special piece. This is our first 2 kilo coin in platinum and this piece is designed specifically for the investment market.

“The Royal Mint is the UK’s leading producer and retailer of platinum coins and bars in terms of sales volumes so we’re delighted to be able to showcase this incredibly beautiful platinum work of art with all the intricate details of our iconic Britannia design.”

As part of The Royal Mint’s ongoing commitment to investment education, the coin will be taken on a roadshow across the UK for people to see and hold and learn more about investing in precious metals.  This follows the introduction of the precious metals academy that launched last year, a suite of free, digital resources for beginners through to more seasoned investors.  Following the roadshow, the coin will be displayed at The Royal Mint Experience, the award-winning tourist attraction in South Wales before it goes to the 2023 Trial of the Pyx were a jury will assay the metal content.  The coin will then be offered to investors to add to their portfolio.

Platinum is becoming increasingly popular as an investment asset and is also used prolifically in industry.  Around 40% of platinum demand is driven by the automotive industry- particularly in the production of catalytic converters, and another 38% of demand comes from jewellery.  Due to its rarity, it’s viewed as a highly desirable investment option with between 2% and 11% of the world’s platinum used to make bars and coins for the investment market.


Paul Wilson, CEO, World Platinum Investment Council, comments: “It is great to see The Royal Mint’s range of platinum coins going from strength-to-strength since it launched its first platinum bullion products in 2017 as they continue to grow and provide further opportunities for both collectors and investors.  We are not aware of any other coins larger than this coin and we commend The Royal Mint for pioneering new investment options for those interested in including platinum in their investment portfolios”

Andrew Dickey continues: “In the year of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, we are delighted to continue the celebrations with what we believe is the world’s largest platinum coin.  As the home of precious metals in the UK, we are keen to demonstrate the many benefits that platinum has to offer..”

For more information about Platinum Investment, visit Platinum Bullion | The Royal Mint

To visit The Royal Mint’s Precious Metals Academy, visit Precious Metals Academy | The Royal Mint


Coin title

Two Kilo Platinum Britannia Bullion



Issuing Authority



999.5 Platinum





Obverse Designer

Jody Clark

Reverse Designer

Philip Nathan



Additional Features

Latent feature, surface animation, micro-text, and tincture lines




£70,000 plus VAT


About The Royal Mint

With a history spanning more than 1,100 years, The Royal Mint is Britain’s oldest companies and the original maker of UK coins.  Today The Royal Mint is a premium British maker, providing carefully crafted coins and precious metal products for the UK and overseas.  Based in Llantrisant, South Wales it has three main focuses as a business: Currency, Consumer (collectable and rare, historic coins) and precious metals investment.

Collecting with The Royal Mint:

Every coin tells a story, from a rare gold Sovereign to a Peter Rabbit™ 50p coin. The Royal Mint aims to inspire collectors young and old, and nurture a love of collecting through unique designs and popular themes. As the maker of UK coinage, we have unparalleled knowledge about coins, from the historic coins of our past, through to the collectable commemorative coins of today.  Sourcing and authenticating pre decimal coins is a natural fit for The Royal Mint as we struck each one.

Investing with The Royal Mint:

As a world authority on precious metals, The Royal Mint has traded and made products in gold and silver for centuries. Since launching its designated precious metals investment arm six years ago, The Royal Mint has grown rapidly to become the home of gold in the UK – increasing its market share and becoming the largest producer of bullion coins in Britain. As well as offering physical precious metal investment options in the form of bars and coins, The Royal Mint also offers a range of digital investment options including DigiGold, Little Treasures, designed for children, and Gold for Pensions

Celebrating with The Royal Mint:

For over a thousand years The Royal Mint has marked the moments that changed the world on coins - from coronations to conflict, from commemorations to celebrations. The designs are captured on commemorative coins, minted in a range of metals.  Commemorative coins do not always enter circulation but give collectors the chance to purchase coins to keep and cherish.  Recent themes have included David Bowie, Winnie the Pooh, Decimalisation and Team GB. Each commemorative coin is carefully struck up to three times in order to create a superbly detailed finish, and ensuring each one meets the standards The Royal Mint is famous for. 

The Royal Mint Experience

The Royal Mint opened its popular visitor centre, The Royal Mint Experience, at its home in Llantrisant, South Wales in 2016. The award-winning attraction welcomes around 200,000 visitors a year and is the place to explore the 1,100-year history of coins.


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