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In 1928 many significant events took place that would shape the modern world as we know it.

  • Scotsman John Loggie Baird becomes the first person to broadcast a Trans-Atlantic television transmission. Later that year he would also demonstrate the world’s first colour television.
  • The first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary is completed after 70 years of research. Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin states "OUR HISTORY, OUR NOVELS, OUR POEMS, OUR PLAYS - THEY ARE ALL IN THIS ONE BOOK."
  • The first nonstop locomotive service from London to Edinburgh is launched with the legendary Flying Scotsman at the heart of the longest non-stop service in the world, stretching some 393 miles.
  • The Currency and Banknotes Act is passed with HM Treasury passing the printing of banknotes to The Bank of England, who would later that year issue the first ever 10 Shilling note - the first to be printed on both sides in colour.

Perhaps the most significant event was the expansion of the Representation of the People Act, which gave women equal electroral equality with men, with all women over the age of 21, regardless of property ownership, now able to vote the same as men.


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