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Introduced in 1961, the same year that South Africa left the Commonwealth and became a Republic, the Rand and Cents replaced the imperial system of pounds, shillings and pence in South Africa’s own decimal day on the 14th of February 1961. The 2 Rand equated to 1 British pound, making 1 rand worth 10 shillings. For the entirety of its lifespan, gold Rands were struck in Pretoria, at the former branch of The Royal Mint.

The 1 Rand gold contains the same gold content as the half Sovereign and the 2 Rand gold the same as the full Sovereign. Both coins pre-date the famous gold Krugerrand which was introduced in 1967, but shares the same famous reverse of a Springbok by Coert Steynbergs. Unlike the Krugerrand, the 1 and 2 gold Rands do contain the face value on the coin, which is found at the bottom of the reverse.

The gold Rand’s obverse contains a portrait by Willie Myburg of Jan van Riebeeck, who founded Cape Town in 1652. The inscription on the obverse is ‘UNITY IS STRENGTH’ and its translation into Afrikaans, ‘EENDRAG MAAK MAG’.

The gold Rand’s ended in 1983, replaced with lower weight Krugerrand’s, but technically they are still legal tender in South Africa, although the gold content and collectable value far exceeds their face values today.

The 2 Rand gold is approximately 22mm in diameter and 8 grams in weight.


Specification Value
Alloy 22 Carat Gold
Weight 7.99 g
Diameter 22.00mm
Reverse Designer Willie Myburg
Obverse Designer Coert Laurens Steynberg
Specification Value
Year 1965-1983
Pure Metal Type Gold
Country Of Origin ZAF
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