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George II is an interesting Monarch as he is the last reigning Monarch in British history to lead his troops onto the battlefield, which he did at the battle of Dettigen – 277 years ago.

The other interesting fact is the denomination itself. The two Guinea would have been several months wage to most people in Britain at the time, so it would have only been the great and good of the British Empire that would of dealt with this coin during the reign of George II.

George II gold Two Guineas 1739
Obverse - Intermediate laureate head left, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, GEORGIVS. II. DEI. GRATIA
Reverse - Crowned quartered shield of arms, incorporating the Arms of Hanover, date either side of crown

The intermediate head was first introduced in 1739 for the gold Two Guinea and Guinea coins, but not in time for the Half Guinea where the bust first appears in 1740. £283,854 worth of gold was coined in calendar year 1739 and there were two different busts used on the Two Guinea of which the intermediate is the latter in use. Herbert Schneider analysed the gold Five Guinea and Two Guinea coins of George II in his Spink Numismatic Circular article "The Five Guinea and Two Guinea Pieces of George II" in February 1957.


1739 George II Intermediate Head Two Guinea - VF

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