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Whilst coins had historically featured a variety of obverse designs throughout the medieval period, it was Henry VII (r. 1485–1509) who championed the regular reintroduction of more realistic portraiture on English coinage – a practice that had not been seen consistently since the Romans. However, the revival of realistic portraiture was not the only notable change to the coinage during the Tudor king’s reign.

By defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field, Henry Tudor was officially crowned King Henry VII on 30 October 1485 – a coronation that heralded the end of the epic Wars of the Roses that haunted England for 30 years. Henry VII’s coronation brought much-needed peace to the country after three decades of conflict and with it came the end of the medieval period. Such a monumental achievement spelled an equally monumental shift in power and – much like the monarchs that came before him – Henry VII was keen to convey this power on the currency of his kingdom.


Specification Value
Weight 2.98 g
Diameter 25.00mm
Quality Circulating
Year 1495-1505
Pure Metal Type Silver
Specification Value
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