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Initially, following the execution of Charles I, in 1649 coins were produced that followed Cromwell’s Puritan beliefs. The wording appeared in English rather than Latin, the monarch’s portraiture was abandoned resulting in a very heraldic coin, bearing the cross of St George on both sides.

This Puritan style was abandoned towards the end of Cromwell’s time as Lord Protector when there were proposals for a complete reversion to the royalist style – which is where this design comes from. The portrait styled Cromwell as a Roman emperor, featuring robes, wreaths and Latin inscriptions in a marked departure from the previous coins minted since Charles’ execution. The careful and elaborate design suggests there was a clear intent to issue the Cromwell coins, however, despite a small number being minted there is no evidence that they ever made it into circulation.

Oliver Cromwell Silver Halfcrown, 1658

Obverse - Laureate and draped bust left, abbreviated Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, OLIVAR. D.G.R.P. ANG. SCO. ET. HIB &c PRO

Reverse - Crowned quartered shield of arms of the Protectorate, date above, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, PAX QVÆRITVR BELLO, edge inscribed in raised letters, +.HAS. NISI. PERITVRVS. MIHI. ADIMAT. NEMO. The abbreviated Latin legends translate as "Oliver by the Grace of God, Protector of the Republic of England, Scotland and Ireland," and on the reverse "Peace is sought by war," and additionally on the edge "Let no one remove these from me under penalty of death."

Weight 15.02g

Attractively toned, has been graded and slabbed by NGC as AU58.


Specification Value
Weight 15.00 g
Diameter 33.00mm
Reverse Designer Thomas Simon
Obverse Designer Thomas Simon
Quality Circulating
Specification Value
Year 1658
Pure Metal Type Silver
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