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Discovering Diplodocus

An iconic specimen adored by dinosaur enthusiasts young and old, Diplodocus remains one of the most prominent prehistoric creatures of all time. Yet, apart from its gigantic frame, many may be unfamiliar with the details of this creature.

Fortunately, this article looks to solve just that. Here are ten facts you might not know about the lovable leaf-eater known as Diplodocus

Did You Know?

1. Diplodocus lived during the Late Jurassic period 150 million years ago and belongs to a group of dinosaurs known as sauropods.

2. Diplodocus is known for its extremely long neck, barrel-shaped body, thick, pillar-like legs and long slender tail.

3. The discovery of Diplodocus was the result of an avid period of fossil exploration in the United States dubbed the ‘Bone Wars’.

4. Professor Othniel C. Marsh was the first to uncover partial remains of Diplodocus and he was the one who coined the dinosaur’s name.

5. Diplodocus was one of the longest sauropods to exist and one species of Diplodocus could grow up to 33 metres in length.

6. Despite its incredible length, the skull of Diplodocus was relatively small and similar in size to that of a large horse today.

7. A leaf-eating herbivore, Diplodocus had pencil-like teeth that it used to strip leaves from branches and it would consume over 100 kilogrammes of vegetation every single day.

8. Diplodocus was armed with an exceptionally long tail with an end section made up of tube-like bones nicknamed the ‘whiplash’, which scientists believe was used as a weapon to fend off predators.

9. Affectionately known as ‘Dippy’, the Natural History Museum’s Diplodocus specimen is a replica that was made at the request of then-king Edward VII in 1902.

10. The original skeleton was found in Wyoming in the United States in the early 1900s and named ‘Diplodocus carnegii’ in honour of Andrew Carnegie, the man who funded the dig.

So, there you have it – a peek into the prehistoric past to help you expand your dino-knowhow. To find out more about Diplodocus and other dinosaurs, visit our Iconic Specimens collection and delve deeper into the world of this gargantuan leaf-eater, formidable Tyrannosaurus and infamous Stegosaurus.

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