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Edward VIII is one of Britain’s shortest-reigning and most controversial monarchs. He inherited the throne from his father, George V, in January 1936. However, it soon became clear that he would have to choose between the Crown and marrying American divorcee Wallis Simpson. In December 1936, he abdicated and his younger brother Prince Albert took over the throne as King George VI.

Due to his short reign, coins struck during Edward VIII’s reign were not released for circulation within the United Kingdom, but some were struck for use overseas. One of the few places to issue coins featuring Edward VIII’s inscription is British West Africa. This set features a 1936 1/10th penny struck in Birmingham at the Kings Norton Mint before being exported. These coins feature a hole in the middle. Traditionally, these holes allowed the coins to be strung along a string and worn for convenience.

Also included in this set is a 1936 green halfpenny stamp, first issued on 1 September 1936, that features Edward VIII’s portrait by Hugh Cecil. The stamp was designed by Hubert J Brown, a 17-year-old who submitted his idea to stamp printers Harrison and Sons. The stamp included in this set has been overprinted with the word ‘MOROCCO AGENCIES’ to be used in British post offices in Morocco.

The Stamps of Edward VIII

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British West Africa Tenth of a Penny

Specification Value
Alloy Cupro-Nickel
Weight 1.93 g
Diameter 20.00mm
Reverse Designer KN (Kings Norton of Birmingham)
Obverse Designer KN (Kings Norton of Birmingham)
Specification Value
Quality Circulating
Year 1936
Special features Holed Coin

Edward VIII Stamp

Specification Value
Width 20mm
Height 25mm
Country Of Origin MAR
Specification Value
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