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We have sourced a small number of original Ancient coins from one of the Roman Empires most infamous rulers, Emperor Caracalla

Caracalla came to Britain in 208 with his father Septimius Severus to quell rebellion. While they were here Septimius Severus died (in York, in 211). Caracalla went on to rule jointly with his brother, then as sole leader.

The legend of this coin give him the title ‘AVG BRIT’ which is short for Augustus Britanniae (Augustus of the British). They were struck in Rome as the center of the Roman Empire, but they specifically relate to the campaign in Britain and the fact Caracalla was here.

Although he’s know as Caracalla, his name was Antoninus and therefore the coins read ‘ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT’.

When his Father Severus died during his British campaign, a power struggle ensued between Caracalla and his brother Geta. Their mother Julia tried in vain to broker peace between the sibling rivals but to no avail. Caracalla killed Geta, it is said whilst in the arms of their mother, but this wasn’t the end of Caracalla’s brutality as he then ordered the death of many of the men loyal to his brother to ensure there would be no retribution for his grisly act of fratricide.


Specification Value
Quality Circulating
Year 198-217
Pure Metal Type Silver
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