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This Canute 1017–23 penny is a remarkable artefact from a pivotal period in British numismatic history. Dating to Canute's reign, which spanned from 1016 to 1035, this is a quatrefoil type coin, likely issued between 1017 and 1023, minted under the authority of the London mint and bearing the name of moneyer Eadmund.  

The obverse features a crowned and draped bust of Canute, facing left, elegantly encircled within a quatrefoil, with the legend ‘+CNVT REX ΛNGLOX’. On the reverse, a long voided cross extends over the quatrefoil, adorned with pellet cusps and a central pellet, accompanied by the inscription ‘+EΛDMVND O LVND’, with the notable ligature of ‘ND’ in the moneyer's name.  

An olive steel-grey patina complements this exceptional piece, whilst the intense portrait of Canute and legible legends are enhanced by a lozenge-style countermark in front of the portrait.


Specification Value
Denomination Penny
Weight 1.10 g
Diameter 19.00mm
Quality Circulating
Year 1017–1023
Specification Value
Pure Metal Type Silver
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