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1987 Britannia Gold Set

  • The actual gold coins issued in 1987
  • Just 25 presentation sets available
  • Original display case with numbered Certificate of Authenticity
Price: £4,120.00
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  • Product code: HISBGSET

Original 1987 Britannia Gold Series

Britannia has featured on British coinage since the eighteenth century as an evocative symbol of the nation. However, it was not until 1987 that she was first elevated to appear on a high-value gold coin. That came about when the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson announced a new gold coin, designed especially for the international gold markets. The new Britannia coin was an instant success, and won the prestigious prize of ‘Coin of the Year’. We are delighted, therefore to be able to offer a limited number of the original set issued in 1987.

The Britannia 1987 series comprises a one-ounce £100 coin, half-ounce £50 coin, quarter-ounce £25 coin, and tenth-ounce £10 coin. Minted from 22 carat red gold alloy they have a rich, warm colour, somewhat darker than the Britannia coins of today which now contain a small amount of silver. The four coins feature the graceful image of Britannia by internationally acclaimed artist Philip Nathan. In a break with tradition Britannia is not shown seated. Instead she is standing by the shore, trident in hand and holding a shield and an olive sprig, to represent power, peace and protection of the nation.

Each set is in superb, as-new condition, and includes the original presentation case and numbered Certificate of Authenticity from 31 years ago. 10,000 sets were created in 1987 and we have managed to source a limited number of sets from the secondary market - we expect demand for this highly desirable coin to be intense, so prompt ordering is highly recommended.

Britannia Gold Set 1987

Denomination Multi
Alloy 22 Carat Gold
Reverse Designer Philip Nathan
Quality Proof
Year 1987
Pure Metal Type Gold
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