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The Great British Coin Hunt £2 Album - Volume 4

  • Allows you to keep the 2013–2015 £2 coins you have collected in a safe and secure way
  • A must for historians and those with an interest in the evolution of Britain
  • The album contains information about each coin and its significance
  • Please note the coins are not included in the album – start your Great British Coin Hunt for the coins already in circulation today
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The Great British Coin Hunt – The £2 Collection Volume Four

Icons of Britain which have stood the test of time, the passing of centuries-old laws which are still used today and important milestones in battles of conflict are some of the themes that can be found in this album.

This album is specially designed for the following coins:

  • 2013 London Underground– The Train £2
  • 2013 London Underground– The Roundel £2
  • 2013 The Guinea £2
  • 2014 First World War – Outbreak £2
  • 2014 Trinity House 32
  • 2015 First World War - The Royal Navy £2
  • 2015 Magna Carta £2
  • 2015 Britannia £2

Once complete, this collector album will be the envy of other collectors due to the breadth of the themes inside. The Britannia £2 coin is one of the most elusive coins in circulation, sure to be the pinnacle of this album once collected, and the album has been designed for coins released between 2013 and 2015.

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