Precious Metals Academy Intermediate Course

Now that you’ve got a basic grounding in precious metals, it’s time to move onto the next level in the Academy with our intermediate course. Here you’ll learn about when is a good time to buy gold, the different types of precious metal investment and the tax that applies to bullion products.

Course Content

1. Past Performance of Gold

Let’s look back at the performance of gold through history, and how its price has tended to peak during times of crisis.

2. When Should you buy Gold?

To try and answer this fairly complex question, you will have to decide on four key factors.

3. Investing in Bullion Coins

The reasons why people choose to invest in bullion coins over other precious metal investment options, and the unique benefits of doing so.

4. Investing in Bullion Bars

There are many reasons why people choose to invest in physical bullion bars, but how do they differ from other forms of precious metal investment?

5. Investing in Digital Precious Metals

Many people begin their investment journey by choosing physically-backed digital precious metals. Let's explore what makes this form of investing so popular.

6. How to Store and Take Care of Your Bullion

Whether you're storing your coins and bars professionally or keeping them at home, you'll need to make sure your bullion is properly protected from theft and damage.

7. The Question of Ownership

Gold can be either allocated or unallocated, and the difference between the two is profound.

8. Bullion & Tax Explained

Gold, silver and platinum can maintain special positions in the market in relation to tax regimes.

9. The Gold Silver Ratio Explained

To get clarity on the relative value of gold bullion against silver bullion, you must first understand the gold silver ratio.

10. A Checklist for Buying Gold, Silver and Platinum

Many people choose to invest in gold, silver or platinum. However, investing in these metals involves taking a number of factors into account.

Test Your Knowledge

Now that you've got an even greater understanding of precious metals, let's test your overall intermediate knowledge to see what more you've learned.

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