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The Benefits of The Sovereign Bullion Coin

The Sovereign bullion coin is a popular choice with investors around the globe. Along with Britannia, it is considered a flagship coin within the world of precious metals investment. But what makes The Sovereign bullion coin so desirable? 

1. Trust & Liquidity

The Sovereign has been around since 1489 and is valued by thousands of investors around the world.  Featuring Benedetto Pistrucci’s iconic interpretation of St George and the dragon, The Sovereign is instantly recognisable and trusted wherever it is presented. No other bullion coin has a secondary market as well established as The Sovereign bullion coin, making it the most liquid bullion coin in existence.

2. Choice

The 2021 Sovereign bullion coin range includes the Half Sovereign, The Sovereign and the Double Sovereign.  The coins are available in individual capsules as well as tubes to offer investors choice within their portfolio.  Due to their global popularity, current-year Sovereign bullion coins are produced in significant volumes and are therefore a cost-effective option for those investors who value more metal for their money.  Another popular option with investors are rare or historic Sovereigns, such as the Queen Victoria Sovereign coins, which have often increased in value over time due to their scarcity and historical significance.


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3. Tax Efficiency

Due to its investment-grade status, The Sovereign bullion coin is exempt of VAT.  Furthermore, and unlike many other mainstream investment options, The Sovereign is also free of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for UK residents due to its position as legal UK tender.

4. Value

Struck in 22 carat gold, The Sovereign has a lower price point compared to other flagship bullion coins such as the one ounce gold Britannia, making it an accessible option for investors with smaller budgets or for those looking to purchase coins on a regular basis.  By making frequent purchases of gold Sovereign bullion coins, investors are able to gradually build a nest egg whilst levelling out price fluctuations.




5. Sell Back Potential

Due to its range of denominations, The Sovereign provides investors with flexibility when it comes to selling their gold.  Rather than being restricted to selling full one-ounce coins, owners of The Sovereign can sell in far smaller sizes if and when required.

If you would like to chat about the options available in relation to The Sovereign bullion coin, please contact our account management team on 01443 623207.



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