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Gold and Indian Culture

With such a rich history and fascinating cultural heritage, India is one of the world’s most diverse and dynamic countries, encompassing many different beliefs, including the worship of multiple gods and goddesses. As an organisation respected for our craft all over the world, we augment and develop gold products and services that acknowledge and pay tribute to Indian culture and tradition.

Why do People buy Gold?

Gold has been considered a valuable asset throughout history, with early records indicating it was desired as both an art form and a form of currency. It has been a symbol of wealth and power for millennia, with treasures comprising gold dating back to as early as 4000 BC, and the scarcity of gold, combined with its beauty, is what makes it so precious.

Some people buy gold as a gift for special occasions such as weddings or religious festivals, whilst others look to gold as an investment – a way of preserving and protecting their wealth. In certain cultures, India’s serving as a prime example, gold plays an integral and important part in many people’s lives.


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Gold for Weddings

On such a special and unforgettable day that unites families in celebration of a brand-new union, it is no surprise that gold is popularly given as a wedding present. Often considered a status symbol, gold represents luck and prosperity, and our range of products, including premium bullion coins and beautifully designed gold bars, often serve as wonderful wedding gifts – both as physical items to treasure or as an investment for the future. Imbued with more than 1,100 years of craftsmanship, every gold bar and bullion coin produced at The Royal Mint is made to the high standards for which we are globally renowned.


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Gold for Religious Festivals

Venerated for her beauty, Lakshmi is one of the most worshipped of the Hindu goddesses and, as the goddess of wealth and prosperity, she is often closely associated with gold. In tribute to the deity, we have created a gold bullion bar range dedicated to this graceful goddess. As beautiful as the precious metal she adorns, each bar features a depiction of the gentle and loving goddess, whilst representing a physical token of British craftsmanship fused with Indian culture.

At The Royal Mint, sales of gold surge in the run up to and during the period of Diwali, with our 20g, 5g and 1g gold Lakshmi bars proving extremely popular, as the sacred festival of lights marks the anniversary of Lakshmi’s incarnation from the depths of a bottomless ocean.

Akshaya Trithiya, which typically takes place in April or May, is another important event in the religious calendar during which gold products in our bullion range are often considered auspicious gifts. Struck with unrivalled craftsmanship that instils them with further meaning and significance, our bullion coins and bars can be offered as thoughtful gifts symbolising health, wealth and prosperity.


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Gold for Investing

With its value increasing by an average of more than 10% per year during the last 20 years*, gold has traditionally performed well over the long term. Furthermore, gold is often considered a useful portfolio diversifier, particularly as it often has a negative correlation to other traditional investment types during times of economic slowdown. Historically, when the economy, markets, stocks and shares decline, gold has tended to rally, offering balance to many portfolios.

*Source: World Gold Council.


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