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A timeless adventure, a tale of honour, courage and victory

A knight, a dragon, an imperilled princess – it’s a classic story, the foundation of any number of fairy tales and legends. One of the most famous of these legends is that of St George, patron saint of England, who saved a kingdom from a tyrannical dragon demanding a yearly sacrificial maiden.

Artist Etienne Millner has captured the action and fantasy of this classic tale for The Valiant 2019 UK Silver Bullion Coin, offering a vibrant and exciting interpretation of the classic themes of bravery, honour, courage and victory.

Begun in 2018, the Valiant series has proven incredibly popular around the world. The bullion coins of the 2019 Silver Valiant series are currently available as a ten-ounce coin, with the one-ounce silver edition being released later this year.

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