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A Look Back at 50 Years of Mr. Men Little Miss

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  • Mr Men_Article 2_1971.jpg


    Successful copywriter Roger Hargreaves is inspired when his 8-year-old son Adam asks what a tickle looks like. The answer becomes Mr. Tickle, the first Mr. Men character. Mr. Tickle is soon joined by Mr. Happy, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Sneezy and Mr. Bump.
  • Mr Men_Article 2_1974.jpg


    The ever-expanding Mr. Men series of books sells more than 1 million copies in its first three years, prompting the BBC to bring a number of the characters to television. Their exploits are voiced by actor Arthur Lowe.
  • Mr Men_Article 2_1979.jpg


    Within just eight years of their creation, Mr. Men can be found just about everywhere: in books, on television, in newspaper comic strips, and even on record with the release of Mr. Men Songs.
  • Mr Men_Article 2_1981.jpg


    Encouraged and inspired by his daughters, Roger Hargreaves expands his imaginary universe to feature the first Little Miss characters, with Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Naughty and Little Miss Sunshine amongst the first to be created.
  • Mr Men_Article 2_1983.jpg


    The city of Glasgow turns to the Mr. Men character Mr. Happy to assist in its ‘Glasgow’s Miles Better’ campaign.
  • Mr Men_Article 2_1988_A.jpg


    Roger Hargreaves passes away suddenly and unexpectedly. The news is a shock to his family and fans around the world.
  • Mr Men_Article 2_1988_B.jpg


    Adam Hargreaves, that same boy who had asked his father what a tickle looks like, steps up to run the family business. As an accomplished artist whose been keen on drawing since childhood, he takes great care to adopt the playful spirit and style of his father.
  • Mr Men_Article 2_2003.jpg


    Adam Hargreaves introduces some of his first new characters: Mr. Cool, Mr. Good, Little Miss Scary and Little Miss Whoops.
  • Mr Men_Article 2_2011.jpg


    By the time Mr. Men Little Miss celebrates its 40th anniversary, it is a worldwide phenomenon, having been translated into numerous languages and loved in dozens of countries around the world. As a sign of just how far they’ve come, the characters are honoured with a series of Google doodles.
  • Mr Men_Article 2_2016.jpg


    Perhaps remembering their success in Glasgow so many years earlier, the Mr. Men Little Miss characters are recruited for a series of public information posters on the London transport system.
  • Mr Men_Article 2_2021.jpg


    The Royal Mint joins in celebrating 50 years since a playful breakfast conversation between a father and son inspired a global phenomenon. Each of the coins issued for the anniversary are designed by Adam Hargreaves and this marks the first time the characters have appeared on UK coins.
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