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Cupro Nickel Replacement Programme

In January 2013, The Royal Mint began a programme to recover cupronickel five pence and ten pence coins from circulation.

All new five pence and ten pence coins have been made from nickel-plated steel since January 2012 and, to date, over 330 million nickel-plated steel coins have been issued into circulation.

This programme will recover the metal alloy contained in the old specification coins. The value of the metal in both the cupronickel and nickel-plated steel coins is still less than their face value.

HM Treasury and The Royal Mint will continue to ensure that there are enough coins, of the right denominations, to meet public demand. This programme will not affect the number of coins in circulation, and coins made of cupronickel alloy will continue to be legal tender.

No action is needed from the general public as a result of this programme. If owners of coin-accepting equipment have not adapted their equipment to accept nickel-plated steel coins and wish to do so, The Royal Mint can offer advice on this process.

Similar programmes have successfully been adopted and implemented internationally.

For further information regarding the programme or for advice or information about nickel-plated steel coins, please contact

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