2000 – Present Day


HM Treasury
Takes Sole Ownership

The Royal Mint is vested as a state-owned limited company that is exclusively owned by Her Majesty’s Treasury.


Making the Olympic and
Paralympic Medals

In readiness for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, The Royal Mint strikes all 4,700 medals. At more than 76 millimetres in diameter, they are the largest and also the heaviest Summer Games medals that have been produced to date.


The Royal Mint
Experience Opens

Offering everything from thrilling tours, exciting exhibitions and cracking coin hunts, The Royal Mint Experience opens its doors to give the public a fascinating insight into more than 1,100 years of history.


The Introduction of
the New £1 Coin

On 28 March 2017, a new £1 coin enters circulation. The new coin has several features that make it much more difficult to counterfeit, including a distinctive 12-sided shape that makes it instantly recognisable.


The Royal Mint Introduces
a Gold-Backed ETC

The Royal Mint becomes the first sovereign mint to list a gold backed ETC in Europe. The ETC product is a competitively priced, secure ETC backed by real, tangible gold stored within our Vault.

The Royal Mint Holds its
First Collect Week

Collector Services from The Royal Mint launches its first Collect Week event celebrating the wonderful world of coins, precious metal and medal collecting.


The Royal Mint Produces Its
Largest Ever Coin

The Royal Mint produces a ten-kilo gold commemorative coin for the first time in its 1,100-year history. The coin is a ‘Masterwork’ – a larger, one-of-a-kind piece – that marks the conclusion of the Queen’s Beasts commemorative coin collection.

The First Royal Mint
Die Trial Pieces Auction

To close Collect Week 2021, The Royal Mint will hold its first ever die trial pieces auction. Taking place at 12pm on Sunday, 26 September 2021, the auction is a rare opportunity for collectors to own pieces of minting history as they bid for one-of-a-kind die trial pieces. To register, visit the Collect Week 2021 Hub.

The Original Maker

Our Story

c. 880–1400

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