A Collector’s Guide to Coin Grading and Slabbing

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When buying or selling a coin, understanding its grade can help determine its value. The grade relates to the condition of the coin, including the amount of wear it has received and if it has been in circulation. Going through the coin-grading process is simple and will enhance your knowledge and your coin collection.

What is the coin grading process?

An impartial coin-grading service can help you establish the quality of your coins, medals and tokens for a fee. Our partner NGC has been grading coins for more than 30 years and has graded more than 50 million coins.

In order to submit a coin for grading, you need to be a member of a coin-grading service. Once you have an account with the company, simply fill in the online form and post your coin directly to them. On receipt, the coin will be assessed anonymously and graded. It will then be ‘encapsulated’ – i.e. placed in a safe holder – and given a certificate with a serial number before being shipped back to you. Each coin is assessed and graded by a number of experts to ensure the accuracy of the grading.

What are slabbed coins?

Slabbed coins are coins that are preserved in clear, plastic containers and include the grade confirming the coin’s authenticity and condition, as determined by the service. Slabbed coins are highly prized by collectors and can be extremely valuable.

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What are the benefits of coin grading and slabbing?

Whether you’re new to numismatics or an experienced collector, the opinion of a coin professional is invaluable in enhancing your collection. Grading and slabbing can help you discover how rare a coin is, as well as whether it’s genuine or not. Using the services of a good coin-grading company can also give you confidence when buying a coin ‘unseen’, such as via mail order or through an online auction.

The Royal Mint has been producing coins for more than 1,100 years and over the last few years, we have developed Collector Services to help our customers. Our experts are here to guide you through buying, authenticating and caring for your historic coins. To find out more, visit royalmint.com/collector-services


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