Bring home the United Kingdom’s favourite bedtime story


We normally tell children that there are no such things as monsters but families have embraced one special creature for 20 years. The Gruffalo is the magical story about a quick-witted mouse and an unusual beast that has delighted children for two decades. In 2009 it was voted the United Kingdom’s favourite bedtime story.

Now one of the world’s best-loved monsters appears on official United Kingdom commemorative coins for the first time. There are just 25,000 silver Proof coins available in this Limited Edition Presentation. Each coin features bright colour printing and is set in a printed acrylic case, recalling the original story’s charming illustrations. Make sure you discover this family favourite, sure to be handed down through generations for many more decades to come.


The Gruffalo® 2019 UK 50p Silver Proof Coin

Specification Value
Denomination 50p
Maximum Coin Mintage 30,000
Alloy .925 Sterling Silver
Weight 8.000g
Diameter 27.30mm
Specification Value
Reverse Designer Magic Light Pictures
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Quality Proof
Year 2019
Pure Metal Type Silver

Gruffalo FAQs

Which anniversary is this coin release celebrating?

20 years since the publication of the book – The Gruffalo®


What are the mintage figures?

The Gruffalo BU: Unlimited

The Gruffalo Silver Proof: 25,000 LEP / 30,000 MCM The Gruffalo Gold Proof: 600 LEP / 600 MCM


Is there a household limit?

The Gruffalo BU: 10 per household

The Gruffalo Silver Proof: 2 per household The Gruffalo Gold Proof: 1 per household


Why is there a household limit?

We set a household limit in the spirit of fairness to help ensure that as many Gruffalo fans and collectors have the opportunity to receive a coin as possible without being too restrictive or encouraging multiple purchases.


What are the Gruffalo LEP and MCM amounts and what is the difference?

Limited Edition Presentation (LEP) refers to the number of coins presented in our Gruffalo 20th Anniversary packaging, whereas the Maximum Coin Mintage (MCM) is the total number of coins struck. The Gruffalo LEP is 25,000 and the MCM is 30,000, meaning there is an allocation of 5,000 coins available for alternative presentations.


How do you decide on mintage figures and household limits?

Mintages for The Gruffalo were set using prior indications of the demand it was likely to receive. A household order limit is always applied to products to allow as many collectors as possible the chance to add this to their collections.


Will I be able to find The Gruffalo in circulation?

The Gruffalo coin is a commemorative only coin. These will not be entering general circulation.


How are the coins packaged and presented?

The Gruffalo BU: Cased in a wallet, which opens out to reveal illustrations from the book, and information about Julia Donaldson (author) and Axel Scheffler (illustrator).

The Gruffalo Silver Proof: Cased within an acrylic block, just like existing ranges of Beatrix Potter and Paddington, however, this block displays a colourful forest scene, which also features another key character from the story – Mouse.

The Gruffalo Gold Proof: Cased in a beautiful walnut case, within a carton showcasing The Gruffalo, this product also features a booklet, taking the reader through the story of The Gruffalo.


Do P&P charges apply?

All orders over £45 qualify for free delivery.


Will this coin be part of a series?

Unfortunately, we cannot comment on any future product ranges.


Is this an official / licensed product?

Yes – The Gruffalo product is officially licensed by Magic Light Pictures.


Does the coin feature artist’ initials?

No – The design is an original illustration by Axel Scheffler, and this coin is credited to Magic Light Pictures.


What is the difference between the BU and Silver Proof coins?

The BU coin is finished to a Brilliant Uncirculated standard, - a finer finish than circulating coins. It is also presented in a fold-out booklet, including illustrations from the original book. These are unlimited in quantity.

The Silver Proof coin is struck in sterling silver and finished to Proof standard. The coin is presented in a beautifully printed acrylic case for display and safekeeping. The coin is enhanced by colour printing – an ideal gift, and the perfect item to display on a shelf in a child’s bedroom.


Why has the silver Proof coin increased to £65?

We always strive to deliver the highest quality products at the most cost effective prices. Unfortunately, we have seen increases in production and material costs which has led to a rise in the price of our Gruffalo silver proof coin to £65.

We hope that you’ll agree that our products are worth every penny and you’ll continue to collect your favourite designs.

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