Here at The Royal Mint we offer a complete service for avid collectors. Our commitment to collectors goes far beyond the coins themselves. We have everything you need to keep your collection in mint condition.

At The Royal Mint, we understand the true value of coins lies far beyond their denomination. As the one of the oldest mints in the world, we know better than any other organisation in the country just how precious coins can be – particularly to avid collectors and enthusiasts.

With more than 1,100 years of history at our fingertips, our team is a trusted source of information and advice. Whether you collect coins for fun or as a serious financial investment, our team of experts are here to assist you in all your numismatic needs, from coin care recommendations to valuations.

For the serious collector, we also provide a coin finder service to help you locate specific coins for your collection. We even offer safe storage at our highly secure on-site facility. Best of all, this service isn’t just restricted to coins and can also be used to store traditional effects, such as jewellery, wills or deeds.


How can we help?

Coin care and display

The Royal Mint provides a number of products to help ensure the longevity of your coins, as well as offering stylish and durable means of display.

Authentication and valuation

With more than 1,100 years of experience and knowledge, The Royal Mint’s team of experts can help you identify and value the coins in your collection.

Coin finder service

The Royal Mint maintains relationships with specialists around the world. Our team may be able to help you find the elusive coin you’re looking for.

Historic coins

The Royal Mint’s Collector Services team works hard to acquire some of the most desired historic coins available.

Secure storage

As one of the most secure sites in the United Kingdom, The Royal Mint is the perfect place to store your most treasured items within your collection.

Sell Your Old Coins to The Royal Mint

Some coins may be worth more than just their bullion value


Coin care and display

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British commemorative medals

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Ancient coins

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Historic Gold Coins

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Historic silver coins

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Commonwealth and world coins

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