Can gold reach the $1,500 mark?

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As expected, the gold price this week has continued to swell, reaching a staggering £1,124.36* per ounce. With numerous market influences currently driving the price up, investors are wondering whether this is the bull run they’ve been waiting for.

The World Gold Council’s Manager of Investment Research, Adam Perlaky comments this week: “Gold had its largest weekly move to the upside since April 2016, continuing its move higher for a fifth straight week. This is likely driven by the US dollar falling sharply (-1.4%) and the price of gold breaking out of the key technical resistance level of $1,365. Gold is having its best month in two years, having rallied nearly 8% in June, while it is up 10% over the past month”.

Interestingly, LBMA’s forecast report for this year also shows only 20% of contributors predicted the gold price would move above the $1,431.40 mark. With a further six months of 2019 still to go, and the gold price already defying expectations, who knows what will happen next…

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*As of the 25th June 2019

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