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Landmarks of Britain

A range celebrating the cultural icons of Britain

The Elizabeth Tower, with its famous clock, dominates the skyline at the northern end of the Houses of Parliament. Popularly known as ‘Big Ben’, after the nickname given to the tower’s great bell, it is one of London’s most familiar sights and is instantly recognisable as a symbol of Britain to people around the world. Its chimes have accompanied London life for more than 150 years marking each passing hour, era and great event and ringing out in times of national celebration.

On the 21st of August 2017, the tower began a four-year period of renovation. With a few exceptions, the tower's renowned bells will be silent until the renovation is complete making this series ever more poignant. 

Royal Mint coin designers Glyn Davies and Laura Clancy set out to capture the Elizabeth Tower through the eyes of the thousands of tourists who visit the United Kingdom’s capital each year. Their design reflects the viewpoint of the jostling crowds at street level, looking upwards for the best view of the famous tower against the London skyline.

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