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The Queen's Beasts

Available in gold, silver & platinum

The Queen's Beasts Range of gold, silver and platinum bullion coins

The Royal Mint is one of the world’s oldest organisations, shaping and leading the minting industry for over 1,000 years. As key players in the bullion market, we provide customers with the security and quality that they would expect from a leading mint, but it is also important that we offer choice. The latest addition to our bullion range takes its inspiration from hundreds of years of royal heraldry. The Queen’s Beasts bullion coins not only provide a new option for those looking to invest, but the range also includes one-ounce platinum coins – the first time official United Kingdom platinum bullion coins have been struck.

The Lion of England is the first of the beasts to be introduced in this new bullion coin series. It is perhaps one of the more familiar beasts in the series, given it’s appearance on the Royal Arms – the arms of the monarch and the United Kingdom. It is one of two beasts to feature on the Royal Arms, as both the Scottish Unicorn and the English Lion are shown supporting a quartered shield. This was followed by the Dragon of Wales, The Griffin of Edward III, the Unicorn of Scotland, the Black Bull of Clarence, the Falcon of Plantagenets and the Yale of Beaufort.

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