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The Royal Mint is ideally suited to assist collectors with a wide range of services, from valuation to storage.

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Backed by knowledge gained from more than 1,100 years of minting, The Royal Mint has developed Collector Services to help you buy, authenticate and look after historic coins. Each coin and curated set we offer provides a connection to Britain’s past and brings the story of the nation to life. As well as offering you the chance to discover British history through coins, you can explore the coins of other countries including the ancient coins of Greece and Rome. Our experts can help you gain a deeper understanding of historic coins, giving you the context of the time in which they were struck and an indication of their value. As well as learning more about coins, you can find out how to keep them in good condition by calling on our advice.


Coin care and display

The Royal Mint provides a number of products to help ensure the longevity of your coins, as well as offering stylish and durable means of display.

Authentication and valuation

With more than 1,100 years of experience and knowledge, The Royal Mint’s team of experts can help you identify and value the coins in your collection.

Coin finder service

The Royal Mint maintains relationships with specialists around the world. Our team may be able to help you find the elusive coin you’re looking for.

Historic coins

The Royal Mint’s Collector Services team works hard to acquire some of the most desired historic coins available.

Secure storage

As one of the most secure sites in the United Kingdom, The Royal Mint is the perfect place to store your most treasured items within your collection.

Sell Your Old Coins to The Royal Mint

Some coins may be worth more than just their bullion value


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Guide to getting a fair price for a coin

Guide to getting a fair price for a coin

Rebecca Morgan, Head of Collector Services at The Royal Mint, says: “There are occasionally reports of coins selling for large amounts on the secondary market, some of which seem a bit farfetched, so we want to ensure collectors have the right information and pay a fair price.

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The broad appeal of historic coins

The broad appeal of historic coins

Coins and money are an integral part of society and have been for many centuries and historic coins have a broad appeal to serious numismatists and serious investors.

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Edward VIII – The Coinage That Never Was

Edward VIII – The Coinage That Never Was

In January 1936 George V died and Edward VIII became king. But, within a matter of months, his romantic involvement with Wallis Simpson caused a constitutional crisis.

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Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria 1887 £5 Sovereign

Special issue. Struck for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria

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