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New Generation of Coin Collector

We’re searching for the UK’s youngest coin collector

Children love to gather and collect items and it’s wonderful to encourage and watch their natural inquisitiveness grow. There’s something incredibly magical about seeing a child become engrossed in a collection of their own.

We’re looking for stories, pictures or videos as we search for children with a love of coin collecting. If you’ve passed on your passion for pennies, connected over coins or know a little one that has discovered the wonder of the world of numismatics for themselves, we’d love to hear all about it.

As well as being compelling and fun, collecting can also be educational, helping the young collector develop valuable skills along the way. Coin collecting, for example, can ignite an interest in currency and history – and there’s plenty of history to go around! Once known as ‘the hobby of kings’ due to its popularity among nobility, coin collecting is one of the oldest pastimes in the world. It’s thought the first ever numismatic was Emperor of the Roman Empire, Augustus Caesar (b. 63BC) and coin collecting has been enjoyed ever since, throughout time and across generations.

There are a wide variety of reasons children enjoy coin collecting, from the fascination of holding a palm-sized piece of history to delighting in the discovery of a rare miniature work of art with a beauty all of its own. The familiarity and accessibility of coins make it easy for a child’s collection to begin. The tactility and the individual stories behind each coin captivate children and spark their young imaginations.

Many people begin a coin collection for their children or grandchildren as a way of sharing the joy of collecting or to explore an engaging common interest. Some children develop their own curiosity with coin collecting simply by wondering at the treasure they find in their pocket or by becoming gripped with the thrill of the hunt. Very often, this love of coins will stay with children for the rest of their lives. No matter how a coin collection begins, it will come as no surprise that we at The Royal Mint share that passion and we firmly believe you’re never too young to start. That’s why we’re embarking on a very special hunt of our own, to find the youngest coin collectors in the UK.

If you think you know the UK’s youngest coin collector, share your stories with us on social media using #TreasureForLife and let’s continue to spread the joy of collecting.

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