Great British Coin Hunt | The Royal Mint

Say it With Coins, Letter by Letter

The Great British Coin Hunt offers the nation a thrilling opportunity to find and collect 26 A to Z 10p coins celebrating all things British. With another 2.4 million coins entering circulation in October, the hunt it still very much on! Coin by coin, letter by letter, rhyme by rhyme - discover, keep and watch your collection grow.

While the hunt for the coins in circulation continues, the full collection of uncirculated editions are available to purchase as a set or as individuals to help fill the gaps in your collection. Silver Proof editions of the coins are also available. Each design provides an opportunity to spell out the name of a loved one or create a personalised message with special meaning.

Silver Proof in Acrylic Block

Silver Proof

Early Strike Uncirculated

Let The Hunt Begin!

Discover, keep and watch your collection grow

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