I have a 2p piece with the inscription 'NEW PENCE' on it. Does this make the coin rare or valuable?

All 2p coins struck between 1971 and 1981 included the words 'NEW PENCE' as part of their reverse. In 1982 and in subsequent years the words 'NEW PENCE' were replaced with the word 'PENCE'. However, in 1983 a small number of 2p coins were mistakenly struck with the wording 'NEW PENCE' on the reverse. These coins were produced to brilliant uncirculated quality - a standard higher than ordinary circulating coins - and were included in special sets intended for collectors.

Since there are relatively few coins with the date 1983 and the inscription 'NEW PENCE' in circulation, they may well have a value higher than face value to a collector. The Royal Mint is, however, unable to comment on the value of any individual coin and we would recommend that you should consult a coin dealer.

It should be possible for you to locate a coin dealer by contacting the British Numismatic Trade Association. You can visit their website at www.bnta.net

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