Can’t Find the Coin You’re Looking For?

Why you shouldn’t get too disheartened if you can’t find the coin you want

We all understand the frustration of searching for something we desperately want to find. Fruitlessly hunting for the missing left sock that completes your lucky pair, turning the house upside down to find your misplaced car keys or realising that absent last jigsaw piece might have just gone up the vacuum!

It’s a feeling that’s familiar to some coin collectors too. The feeling of anticipation can occasionally turn to frustration when trying to get your hands on the specific coins missing from an otherwise impeccable collection. However, talk to a seasoned collector and it’s very likely they’ll tell you patience in coin collecting is most definitely a virtue. Some may also admit that the longer the wait, the greater the satisfaction when they finally do find the treasure they’ve been hunting for. For them, waiting, searching and hoping is often all part of the experience.

For some coin collectors there’s another good reason they don’t really mind waiting for those few elusive coins to turn up. Often, if a coin is more difficult to find, it’s often an indication of its rarity. This not only makes it more exciting and gratifying to add to a collection, it can also offer richer rewards.

For others, the wait is just too much to endure. The desire to own a full set of coins is more important to them than the hunt itself and, for these collectors, obtaining the whole collection at once is their favoured approach.

One collection that is dividing collector opinion (to hunt or not to hunt) is the celebrated Quintessentially British A to Z collection of 10p coins. The range consists of 26 individually designed coins, each adorned with a popular Great British icon, from the imposing Stonehenge monument to a traditionally British pot of tea.

The Royal Mint is excited to be releasing an additional 2.1 million A to Z coins from 26th February 2019. The coins offer the opportunity to collect one of the most limited issue coin designs for 2019 to be released into circulation. To satisfy those collectors that enjoy owning a collection in its entirety, the 2019 coins are now all available to buy on The Royal Mint Website and, whether you’re a self-confessed completest or you just enjoy keeping your collection together, there is also an exclusive 2019 A to Z collector’s album which is the perfect way to admire your complete collection.

Ultimately, coin collectors are unified in their desire to own a collection they can enjoy and be proud of. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of holding a complete collection in your hands - however you’ve collected the coins.

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