How to Sell Your Gold

Whether you are looking to sell your gold investments or part with a gold inheritance, why not take advantage of The Royal Mint’s buy back service, which offers anyone the opportunity to sell their precious metal holdings.

Selling back your physical bullion coins & bars

If you have gold, silver or platinum bullion coins and bars to sell, The Royal Mint will offer you a competitive buy back rate based on live gold, silver or platinum prices. We will quote to buy your coins and bars at 98% of our current gold bid price.

Whilst previously we only offered the option to sell bullion which was stored in our on-site vault, we now offer investors the chance to sell bullion which was stored or purchased elsewhere. In addition, the bullion which you sell to us does not have to be produced by The Royal Mint, as we will gladly accept enquiries regarding coins and bars from other mints and refineries around the world, offering you both convenience and flexibility.

You will have the choice to either send your coins and bars to The Royal Mint using a track and trace delivery service offered by your local post office, or by hand delivery to one of our approved partners in London. For higher value orders, we may be able to offer a convenient collection service from your registered address.

To request a quote for your physical gold bullion today, simply visit our sell back page to request a quotation.

Selling back your digital precious metals

Alternatively, if you have gold, silver or platinum investments through our DigiGold™ scheme, The Royal Mint will instantly quote to buy your coins and bars at 99% of our current gold bid price.

Through the DigiGold™ service, bullion can be bought and sold effortlessly, at any time. When you are ready to sell, you may request that we buy back your precious metals (which are currently stored in The Vault™) from you based on the live gold, silver or platinum market price at that time.

Ultimately, whether you have physical or digital precious metal assets, The Royal Mint makes selling gold, silver and platinum easy, safe and secure.

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