1. Promotional Codes
    1. From time to time we issue promotional codes (also known as coupon codes, voucher codes or discount codes) which you can redeem against purchases of our Products, entitling you to a saving equivalent to the discount displayed on the promotional code or certain other benefits, as displayed on the promotional code (Promotional Code(s)).
    2. Please note:
      1. The specific terms and conditions, including the expiry date, relating to each Promotional Code will be advertised with the Promotional Code either at our website royalmint.com or within the Promotional Code marketing materials.
      2. Subject to any agreements with third parties, we reserve the right to withdraw a Promotional Code at any time, and refuse to apply the Promotional Code to the purchase of Products, where in our opinion, the Promotional Code is invalid for the order you have placed.

If you cancel the contract, and return a qualifying item in accordance with The Royal Mint’s Terms and Conditions , any discount applied to the purchase of the qualifying item as a result of redeeming a Promotional Code will be subtracted from the refund you receive.


Last updated on 28-4-2020

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