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It's September again and that means one thing, a new school term begins! Whether children are starting school, beginning their GCSE's and A-Levels or flying the nest to attend University, often this time of year is associated with reaching new milestones and with that brings a reflection about what the future still has to bring. Whether that be offering a helping hand on the property ladder one day or contributing towards University fees, it's important to plan ahead financially for those precious moments.

To help you out along the way, we've developed a short guide about how to get started with investments, beginning with budget planning and how precious metals might be able to help you invest for those precious moments to come.

We also introduce our Signature range - just one of the ways you can invest in precious metals from The Royal Mint. 

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Whatever your budget, Signature™ is an easy and simple way to trade and invest in physical gold, silver and platinum.

From as little as just £20, Signature gives you access to the precious metal market where you can purchase a fraction of a gold, silver or platinum bar. Your precious metal will be stored at one of the most secure sites in the UK - The Royal Mint.

If you are thinking about investing for those precious moments in the future or diversify your portfolio, precious metals could be an alternative way.

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