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Signature Platinum

What makes platinum unique?

The world’s rarest metal, platinum was once known as ‘white gold’. Perhaps surprisingly, around half of today’s total platinum production goes to the automotive industry, where it’s used in catalytic converters to reduce emissions – and this substantial demand keeps values high.

Of course, it’s coveted as a metal in jewellery, but is also used in such diverse applications as glass making, medicines, petroleum refining and electronics. And as an investment, it can be used as a hedge against inflation, just like other precious metals.

Invest in platinum

Interesting facts about platinum

  • Platinum is one of the heaviest metals. A six-inch cube of platinum weighs as much as the average person
  • Meteorites and the moon contain a higher percentage of platinum than can be found on Earth
  • Typically 95% pure, platinum is one of the purest precious metals
  • All the platinum ever produced would only cover your ankles in one Olympic sized swimming pool. All the gold ever produced would fill three Olympic sized swimming pools
  • One gram of platinum can be stretched into a wire over 2,000 metres long – that’s over a mile
  • Pure platinum’s density is 21.45 grams per cubic centimetre, making it one of the densest elements

How much will it cost?

You can purchase any amount of platinum you like, in 0.001oz (0.0311 gram) units. The price you pay is the market spot price at the time of your purchase and a premium, the minimum order value is just £20. 


Buy Premium: 0.33% + VAT
Storage Rate (Per Annum): 0.5% + VAT
Sell Premium: 1.00%


*The storage fee of 0.5% + VAT per annum is based on the average daily value of your total metal holding.

What you need to know


Price Clarity
Transparent premiums Yes
Storage location The Royal Mint
Storage management The Royal Mint
External audit Yes
Fully Insured Yes
Pricing/purchasing times 24/7/365
Holding level
Measurement level 0.001 Ounces
UK Tax status*
VAT Liable
CGT Liable

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