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How many coins are in the series?

In 2018, the Royal Mint continues its tradition of honouring Britain’s childhood favourites with two official UK coins celebrating the kind-hearted bear that started a new life a long way from his family in Darkest Peru.

What metals and finishes are the coins available in?

Gold Proof, Silver Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated.

Why is the LEP set at 600 and 60,000 for Gold and Silver?

In celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the publication of Michael Bond’s first book A Bear Called Paddington, these products have a Limited Edition Presentation of 600 (Gold) and 60,000 (Silver).

What is the mintage for Silver Proof?

We have counted all the coins that Paddington has struck on his visit to the Royal Mint and the maximum coin mintage for both Paddington Silver Proof coins is 75,000.

Why was the coin unlimited to start with?

We wanted to ensure that our customers were able to get a beautiful Silver Proof coin therefore the Maximum Coin Mintage was not set before launch. We have now finished counting how many coins Paddington has struck for our customers this week and set the MCM based on customer demand. We have published this in response to our customer’s enquiries.

Why is the mintage so high for Silver Proof?

We are delighted you love our Paddington Silver Proof coins as much as we do. The Maximum Coin Mintage has been set at 75,000 based on how popular the coins are.

Where can I find the mintage figures?

Maximum coin mintage (MCM) figures are published on our website here.

Is this a licensed product?

Yes – all Paddington products have been officially licensed by The Copyrights Group, a Vivendi company, owners of the Paddington brand.

Where can I find out more information about Paddington?

More information can be found at or you can follow his adventures on his own Twitter channel, which can be found at

How is my coin packaged and presented?

Brilliant Uncirculated coins are enclosed in an attractive Paddington branded folder.

Limited Edition Presentation Silver Proof coins are presented in a beautiful acrylic block so you can display the coin, along with a storycard and certificate, cased in a special Paddington gift box.

Limited Edition Presentation Gold Proof coins are safely stowed in a stunning Royal Mint walnut case, along with a booklet and certificate.

What is the story behind each coin?

Paddington™ at the Station - the story of Paddington began in Darkest Peru when after stowing away in a ship’s lifeboat, he arrives at Paddington Station. Here Britain’s much-loved bear meets his new family, The Brown’s.

Paddington™ at Buckingham Palace - although Paddington hails from Darkest Peru, he has made himself very much at home in London, where marmalade supplies are plentiful. The polite and curious bear makes friends wherever he goes, and many of his adventures take place at famous landmarks including of course, Buckingham Palace, where perhaps he catches the attention of a rather special person, Her Majesty the Queen.

Is there a collector folder available?

We haven’t launched a collector folder for this product range; however thank you for your interest in this product. Please register your interest here with us if you would like to hear from us about future Paddington products. We will be sure to notify you when Paddington makes a return visit to the Royal Mint.

Will there be any more Paddington™ coins?

We cannot comment on any future product ranges, however thank you for your interest in our future Paddington products, we are glad you like them as much as we do. To see the full range of products available please visit our website. Please register your interest with us and we will be sure to notify you if Paddington makes a return visit to the Royal Mint. You can sign up for email notifications by registering your interest here. We will also announce any additional coin releases on our Social Media Channels.

Will you notify me when more Paddington™ coins products are released?

Yes - we will be sure to notify you when Paddington makes a return visit to the Royal Mint. You can sign up for email notifications by registering your interest here. We will also announce any additional coin releases on our Social Media Channels.

What is continuity and can I sign up?

Continuity is available for Gold Proof and Silver Proof coins.

Don’t miss out! Get your paws on both coins in the series! By signing up to the continuity you can buy and reserve the upcoming coin, which is expected to sell very quickly.

The second coin will automatically be despatched to you once it has officially launched. Payment will only be taken from your account following despatch.

The second coin will be released in August 2018.

If you have provided us with an email, you will be notified via email when your payment is being taken and your next coin is on its way!

You will also benefit from free delivery for both orders when you receive them.

There is no continuity offer for the BU coins.

Continuity Code (to buy Paddington™ at the Station and to reserve Paddington™ at Buckingham Palace) is PB2018SP for silver and PB2018GP for gold.

Is there a maximum number of coins I am allowed to purchase per household?

BU – 10 per household of each design

Silver Proof – 3 per household of each design

Gold Proof – 3 per household of each design

I’ve ordered, when will I receive my coin?

We are delighted you have purchased from us. Your Paddington coin is safely stowed and we hope it will be on its way to you within 3 wokring days from receiving your order. However, at times due to unprecedented demand this time may increase but we will keep you informed via email if this is to be the case.

I’m not online and/or I don’t have an email address, can I still buy the coins?

Yes - you can also purchase and sign up to the continuity over the phone or buy direct at The Royal Mint Experience visitor attraction shop in Llantrisant, South Wales and through our selected partners.

Is anyone else distributing the coins other than the Royal Mint?

Amongst The Royal Mint’s distributors/retailers are The Paddington Shop at Paddington Station, London and the Paddington pop-up shop in Portobello, London who will both stock the coins, as well as Post Offices across the UK who will be stocking the collectable ‘commemorative’ editions of the coins.

Are these shops selling the same coins/packaging as the Royal Mint?

Some of our official distributors/retailers including the Post Office will offer these coins in their own packaging formats.

When will the coins be available from The Royal Mint’s distributor/retail partners?

They will available at the same time as the Royal Mint launches the coins.

Will I be able to find Paddington in circulation?

The Paddington coin may enter circulation, but this would be subject to demand for that particular denomination in the UK cash cycle.

Are these coins rare?

As this is the first time The Royal Mint has issued a series of 50p coins featuring our friendly childhood favourite Paddington™, we anticipate that these coins will be highly collectible.

How many Paddington coins will enter circulation/have been struck?

Volumes will be struck and enter circulation in line with UK demand.

I can’t find the coins in circulation – can I buy them?

We recommend our Brilliant Uncirculated coins. To view our full range of products and make a purchase please visit our website.

Why does Paddington appear on a UK 50p coin?

2018 marks the 60th anniversary of A Bear Called Paddington. Since that first publication, Paddington™ has been a part of many childhoods, becoming a British icon around the world and a firm favourite with children and adults alike. The Royal Mint continues its tradition of honouring Britain’s childhood favourites with two official UK coins celebrating the kind-hearted bear that started a new life a long way from home in Darkest Peru.

Who designed the coins?

The Royal Mint curated copyright imagery of Paddington which were composed to suit the coin manufacturing process and tell the story of Paddington on our coin, capturing every detail of the much-loved bear, from his iconic duffle coat to his battered old bush hat.

Why did you choose these particular designs?

With six decades of stories to choose from, our designs honour the start of Paddington’s story at Paddington station and bring to life his adventures in London with a visit to Buckingham Palace. The polite and curious bear makes friends wherever he goes and has a special relationship with Her Majesty The Queen, who appears on the reverse of the coin.

Why did you use Paddington™ from the film?

Whilst Paddington himself hasn't changed over the years, he has been interpreted by a number of different illustrators including Peggy Fortnum’s original illustrations in 1958. As Paddington™ has come to visit us at the Royal Mint we have chosen to capture his likeness as you will see him today. We love the contemporary, fun and wide appeal this has given our designs and we hope you do too.

Why have you not used any landmarks outside of London?

Our designs reflect Paddington’s world. His adventures primarily happen around his stomping grounds in Notting Hill, where he lives with the Brown’s at 32 Windsor Gardens.

What was the design process for the coins? Was there a competition? How did you ensure it was a fair procedure?

Designers are frequently invited to participate in a design competition and this was no different. All design concepts consisted of curated copyright imagery, which were then anonymously reviewed by our external advisory committee who made the final design selections. The designs were submitted for selection and approval by The Royal Mint Advisory Committee, before going for final approval by Her Majesty The Queen.

Did the designs get approved by the RMAC?

In line with the formal coinage design approvals process, a number of entries were shortlisted by the Royal Mint Advisory Committee (RMAC).

The new designs have been approved by the Chancellor and have received formal Royal approval from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in line with standard approvals process for UK coin designs.

Who/what is RMAC?

The Royal Mint Advisory Committee reviews new designs of coins, medals, seals and decorations, and recommends preferred designs to the government.

The Committee was established in 1922 with the personal approval of King George V.

It exists to raise the standard of numismatic and medallic art in Britain and is expected to ensure that designs meet high standards of art, decency and good taste.

Did you pay a number of designers to enter the competition?

The Royal Mint works with a number of professional designers on an ongoing basis.

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